C-Section Recovery Tips

How long it takes to recover from a C-Section really depends on several things, your overall health, complications you’ve undergone, your attitude and your pain levels.

Here are C-Section recovery tips that helped me recover quicker, keep a good attitude and lessen my pain. I know they’ll help you as well.

– Get moving again as quickly as possible.

Getting out of bed and walking quickly is a MUST. Most hospitals will have you walking within about 12 hours of your C-Section surgery.

I won’t lie to you, it will hurt at first, but the sooner you get moving and the more you move the faster you will recover. Walking is a big part of the healing process.

As you take your first walk, take it slow and allow someone to assist you. You may want to take a dose of pain medication just before walking, Take small steps and don’t rush yourself. It’s better to walk for a longer time at a slower pace than walk quickly for a shorter time.

Once you are released from the hospital should should be walking fairly well. Continue walking when you get home. Schedule a daily walking routine, either taking a walk outside or going a few slow paces on your treadmill.

Certainly rest when you need to but keep up a daily walking routine.

– Stay on Top of Your Pain Medication

Most of us don’t like taking pain medication, but this is one time you’re going to have to make an exception. This is a precious time for you and your baby, it won’t ever come again so I’m a big advocate for going as pain free as possible.

If you are given pain medication to take home, take it as directed for the first 5-7 days. Don’t skip a dose, even if you’re feeling like you may not need it. Within those first 5-7 days your body can play tricks on you whereby you may actually feel like you don’t need any more pain medication. That’s actually a good thing but within those first few days of surgery it’s likely that your pain will be back.

It’s better to stay on top of your pain during that time and not get behind the pain curve, once you do it can set you back.

– Make A list

When others offer to help, let them. Have a list handy to refer to for things like meal preparation, housework and taking care of older kids. Be ready with what you need. For many women this may be a difficult thing to do, but keep in mind that this is precious time that comes only once and you want to make the most of it by enjoying and cuddling your baby. Letting others help is a way to ensure you have that precious time.

– Avoid movements that slow down your healing.

Avoid strenuous bending, stretching and pulling. These things can cause your stitches to break open and expose you to infection. Strenuous bending and pulling can also cause potential internal tearing which you want to avoid at all cost.

– Pace Yourself.

There may be days where you feel energetic, but don’t be tempted to overdo it. Stay conscious of the fact that you are still healing and pace yourself. If you don’t you could be setting yourself back with a greater dose of fatigue and possible depression.

– It’s the little things that help in a BIG way

Use pillows or special comforts that you especially enjoy to help with positioning and breastfeeding at home and in the hospital.

When packing your hospital bag don’t forget to bring them. Even something as trivial as a shower brush, a special pillow or foot massage can help. If you don’t have these things on hand you may want to buy them and put it in your hospital bag.

There are simple things that you can do, for example make getting in and out of bed easier. Look around at how can you can simplify your daily routine. Put things you use frequently within arms reach, etc.

Give your baby lots of kisses.

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